The Guardians of the Pegaverse – Volume 1

Premkumar · May 24, 2024

This course can help you to understand the core concepts of Pega.

As a Pega developer we used to work in different low code studios like dev studio, app studio to build the applications but how often do we worry about how Pega works at the backend? How the JVM affects the application processing? how the database queries can be optimized?

Specifically lot of junior to medior level developers are finding it hard to understand the underlying concepts. This course is going to help you with gaining those technical knowledge and skill up yourself on the Pega administration side.

For years I played the DevOps role and learned a lot of things on the Pega Infrastructure side. In this course, I shared all my knowledge in those areas. We will start with understanding about the three pillars of Pega platform – JVM, Database and App server and then we will concentrate on lot of underrated topics like cluster, cache, session management before we enter into complex topics like Networks, Security, Logging & Monitoring. As the final phase, we will also talk about different deployment models that include CICD orchestration pipelines using Azure DevOps, Jenkins and Pega Deployment Manager. Last but not the least, we will end the course by gaining the Upgrade experience 🙂

This course equally covers the theoretical and practical concepts and for sure you will learn new things!!

Course Content

Section 1: Introduction
Section 2: Pega Stack Architecture
Section 3: JVM Memory Management
Section 4: Database Management - Understanding
Section 5: Database Management - Improvements
Section 6: Database Management - Storage Improvements
Section 7: App Server Management - Understanding
Section 8: Apache Tomcat - Understanding
Section 9: Apache Tomcat - Configurations
Section 10: Apache Tomcat - Improvements
Section 11: Externalizing embedded services
Section 12: Pega Cluster Management
Section 13: Pega Cache Management
Section 14: Pega Session Management
Section 15: Network & Security
Section 16: Logging & Monitoring
Section 17: Continuous Integration Continuous Deployment
Section 18: Pega Deployment Manager
Section 19: Pega Upgrade
Section 20: End credits
Section 21: Additional lectures

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