Pega Masterclass: A Complete Pega development course from myknowpega author

Premkumar · September 17, 2022

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This course introduces all the Pega topics using really simple and easy to understand lectures. The lectures are grouped in the right order for easy understanding and navigation.

I designed this course right from Installing the Pega personal edition, building  your first application, creating your first case, defining the Data model, designing the User Interface, configuring the Integrations, writing test cases, completing the deployment.

Everything is packaged under this 50 hours long course.

The format of every lecture will be initial few mins of explanation about the use case / rule usage or theoretical concepts continued by practical implementation. You can always follow the tutorial as an assignment in your personal edition.

All the lectures in this course use Claims Process as the use case and are fully practical-based. This course covers all the CSA and CSSA topics and also in the lectures the instructor shared all his development experience.

This course is designed for all levels – beginners, intermediate and advanced

All the lectures in this course is shown using Pega 8.7 latest version.

This course is not certified, accredited, affiliated with, nor endorsed by Pegasystems, Inc.

What You’ll Learn

  • 57 hours, 45 sections, 230+ Lectures
  • Pega development from basics to advanced level
  • Detailed advanced topics on Integration, background processing, test cases, Pega deployment manager deployments
  • Learn about the day-to-day Pega development activities

Course Content

Download and install Pega personal edition
Pega Studios
Operator ID / User account in Pega
Create a new Pega application
Branch based development
7. Rules, rule types, ruleset, ruleset versions
8. Case Management
9. Flow development
10. Parallel processing in case flows
11. Flow actions
12. Properties
13. Data Management
14. Database Management
15. Data transform
16. Activity rule
17. Data pages
18. Decision rules
19. Reporting
20. User Interface rules
21. UI Layouts
22. User Interface - Controls
23. User Interface - Advanced concepts
24. Declarative rules
25. Background Processing
26. Integration basics
27. SOAP Services
28. REST Services
29. Other Integration topics
30. File Processing
31. Attachments
32. Sending out Email
33. Validations
34. Security
35. System Administration
36. Rule Management
37. Libraries & Functions
38. Debugging tools
39. Pega Testing
40. Deployment
41. Additional lectures
42. Authentication
43. Authentication SSO
44. Authorization
45. Real time development exercises - Practical based
Advanced Exercises
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