A Journey to the center of Pega Constellation

Premkumar · March 27, 2023

As a Pega developer, we are all aware of the changing trend in the Pega User Interface. Very few organizations have already moved their applications into constellation architecture and many more will be joining in the coming days.

Not long before I was on the side of advocating AGAINST the App studio and low code app development, but things changed a lot recently. Once you learn and practice the new UI design and development ( after doing lot of POCs), I realized the real potential of the Pega Cosmos UI design system.

As we develop a Business Process (BPM) application, we can put a lot of effort focussing on defining and designing the core business processes and stick with the Pega OOTB design system that can provide a more consistent and channel agnostic user experience.

I learnt a lot in the last few months and I would like to share my knowledge with you all.
I Crafted this course to make it more like a journey into the constellation.

We start with UI Kit, Mash up implementation and then swift our focus on the DX APIs and Cosmos design system. Once we get our base covered, then we enter into constellation discussing different topics with hands-on exercises.

After you complete the course, I am sure you will have a different thought process with Pega UI design system.

Course Content

Section 1: Course Introduction
Section 2: UI Kit - Understanding
Section 3: Pega Web Mashup
Section 4: Traditional DX APIs V1
Section 5: Traditional starter packs with DX API V1
SECTION 6: Theme Cosmos - Traditional UI design
SECTION 7: Advanced development - Traditional UI design
Section 8: JavaScript Understanding
Section 9: Cosmos React - Constellation UI design
SECTION 10: Setup UI service (Docker) - Constellation UI design
Section 11: Portal & Case design - Constellation UI design
Section 12: Configure Views - Constellation UI design
Section 13: Pega Web Embeds - Constellation UI design
SEction 14: Custom components - Constellation UI design
Section 15: Constellation DX APIs V2
Section 16: Constellation SDKs
Section 17: Constellation Messaging service
Section 18: Public APIs & Debugging - Constellation UI design
Section 19: App build - Constellation UI design

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