About us

My name is Premkumar Ganesan and I’m the founder of MyknowAcademy. In 2017, I wrote my first blog article in myknowpega blogging platform. My goal was to make everyone feel Pega development is simple and easy to understand.

I continued blogging for the next 5 years and had few thousands of subscribers. In 2022, I started preparing videos and launched my YouTube channel. By the end of 2022, I launched my first course – Pega Masterclass.

I believe in Learn-by-self-exploration. It worked for me in my learning process and through my blogs and video lectures I continue to provide tips and encourage my students to keep learning.

Why myknowAcademy?

I launch my first course – Pega Masterclass at multiple platforms and always had the difficulty with maintenance, since I don’t have the full control on the other course marketplace platforms. 

That made me to introduce this All-in-one platform where students can access the course together with a community platform with different groups and forums. I believe this platform can bring me and my students more closer.

Join our Community?

A driving community platform with different groups and forums. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Here you find some of the common questions you get on this academy platform

Yes. Community platform is totally free for everyone. You can simply signup with your details and actively involve in the forum discussions

You can find the list of courses available in Online courses main navigation. You can choose your right course, click enroll and add it to cart. Then you can do checkout and continue with the available payment options

Currently there are two payment options available

  1. Stripe payment gateway - You can use credit cards for this payment gateway
  2. Offline payment - You can use this option for direct bank transfer

All course enrollment can be done using a one-time payment through which you get life-time access to the course.